Jet ski Modifications

Basic Mods

The very first thing you should do to your supercharged jet ski if you have an 07 or older ski is to switch the stock ceramic supercharger clutch washers for the special RIVA metal washers that are now on the market. A failure of a ceramic clutch washer can cause many problems and will destroy your oil pumps. If the oil pumps are not checked/replaced after a ceramic washer failure you run high risk of serious engine damage to your jet ski in the future.

Intake Grate

A few of the very first things most people do to their jet skis is install an intake grate, remove the OPAS system (training wheels) and install a Riva finger throttle/wider handlebar kit. As far as grates go the Riva grate has been proven time and time again to out perform all others and even increases speeds on the higher modified crafts. If you are a rough water rider then the R&D Aquavein intake grate has proven to be the best as it gives better than stock hook up.


The 14/19 impeller will deliver better acceleration and top speed. The air intake will help the jet ski engine make more power which is necessary to turn the high pitch impeller at top RPM's. The wedge helps raise the bow of the jet ski up, which also increases top speed. Some people don't like the way the wedge makes their jet ski handle while others love it. For RXP owners, they may opt to go with the VTS extension rod which greatly improves hole shot when running a wedge.

External Intercoolers

If it's more power you seek then it's available in many forms. Basically, the addition of an external intercooler, Riva/Vortech supercharger impeller, thru-hull exhaust and Solas 15/20 impeller will bring you to Stage 2 status. Riva's stage 2 kit offers all of the components of the Stage 1 kit plus the parts I just mentioned above and also includes Riva sponsons. Sponsons work to improve the handling of your jet ski and improve straigtline tracking thru chop.


Sea Doo OEM X model supercharger - With Riva ECU you will need the 50# injectors because that's what it's mapped for. With stock ECU or 07 and older Rotax Racing ECU you will need a Rude rising-rate fuel pressure regulator.

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